The Balcony Garden

Wednesday, July 05, 2006



These are sturdy little fellows that even under extreme neglect kept growing so we had to find them a bit of a place somewhere! We bought a new pot only approx 2 quid and filled it up with leftover soil and tadaa hopefully a basil pot! They look rather sweet but look a bit happier than when they were clinging fo life! Posted by Picasa

My cheating Flowers


Actually I am really pleased with them! The purple one is on its 2nd flowering and the yellow one (forgive me as I have no idea what their names are) hasn't stopped flowering since we bought it! I can see they have grown and will not like it when I repot them and bring them indoors come Autumn time! Posted by Picasa



The parsley and chives are actually doing something! For ages grass was growing in them and we didnt know, we thought it was chives looking strange, it was only when it started to seed that I figured it out. You see we are real amateurs, we have no idea what we are doing! Posted by Picasa

Its a big one!


I never in my wildest dreams....not that I dream about gardening you understand, thought this would grow this big. Its scary because its reached the roof and wants to grow over it! Not sure if the landlady will appreciate it! It has started to flower now so I keep hoping the bees will come to visit us! Posted by Picasa

Todays Balcony


Well this was taken today! It's like a little jungle out there! Posted by Picasa


This was taken at the same time as the one below.....Definatly a few weeks ago I am so annoyed with myself for not keeping track of the date...oh well! Posted by Picasa

I sm not sure when I took this picture, but as you can see its the runner bean growing, I was amazed when I took this! How far will it grow? Posted by Picasa